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The 9 major cycles of the Mayan calendar are getting shorter

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on April 5, 2009 at 11:07 PM

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Each of the 9 major cycles of the Mayan calendar is progressively shorter than the one before, and we are speeding towards a great culmination of awakening in humanity. Can you feel the speeding up?

This is what Kiara Windrider has to say about Bhagavan, the Mayans, and you...

"Thousands of years ago, the Mayans pointed to the year 2012 AD as a time when our experience of time itself would change. They pointed to a window in human history where we would move into a new galactic frequency as we shifted from linear time to what we might call spherical time, or holographic time.

"Sri Bhagavan has also been speaking about this galactic window.  He, too, sees a major passage into the Golden Age by 2012 AD. He arrived at this independently from his own visions and the visions of those he has worked with, and describes being amazed when
informed that the Mayan calendar points to an identical time of change.

"...This will also be a time when those who have been preparing for it will experience an overwhelming flood of divine energies, which will shortly afterwards lead to the complete awakening of the 64,000 in preparation for collective enlightenment!

"If you are one of these 64,000, your soul already recognizes this. You have been divinely programmed to awaken fully and assist humanity in her journey through this galactic window. If you feel called to explore this possibility further, please....."

Warm regards,
P. J.


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