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Message from the Oneness University (the Golden Orbe)

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on January 5, 2016 at 5:10 PM


"Namaste to the World Oneness Family.


Oneness is a phenomenon of the golden orb. We call it Kalki because the Golden Orb calls itself Kalki. The Golden Orb or Kalki started giving revelations from the year 1989, based on which the Oneness University functions. The revelations continue to be revealed to a group of elderly beings who lives in great states and leads a very simple and anonymous lives who are not directly involved in the activities of Oneness.


The Oneness University functions according to the revelations received by them, According to revelation, the phenomenon has evolved over 850 years and has been anchored by six beings, the sixth and the last being Sri Amma Bhagavan.


The Golden Orb appeared to Sri Bhagavan when Sri Bhagavan was three years old in a place called Natham, and made Sri Bhagavan chant a particular mantra for 21 years which has not been revealed to the world as of now. And then the Golden Orb disappeared, only to reappear in the year 1989 at Satyaloka and started giving revelations upon which the Oneness movement and the Oneness University are founded and are being guided.


Kalki means the dispeller of darkness, which means seeing the false as false and allowing the truth to be. This Kalki does by giving back the lost insights of ancient teachings. Kalki also changes the nine programs controlling human beings. As these programs changes, the individual feels fulfilled. and moves from fulfillment to transformation, and from transformation to freedom, and from freedom to awakening, and from awakening to Oneness. Thus, by Kalki moving humans into a state of Oneness is the harbinger of the Golden Age, There are several mile stones humanity would pass through before arriving there.


The first mile stone is in the year 2012 where a large number of people have moved into the first level of awakening. It is when the mental focus shifts from worrying about the problem to solving the problem.

The Second level of awakening would occur in the year 2018 where a large number of people would be able to complete their relationships. It is meant that the people or the events one has come across in one's life should no more be a source of disturbance in their consciousness. In other words what happened in one's lives would be perceived as though it has happened in someone else's life. In other words they will start living like a stranger in a guest house.


The next mile stone would be revealed in the year 2018. To receive the grace of the golden orb or Kalki, firstly one must become conscious and be aware of one's lies, especially those spoken to oneself.

Secondly, one must become conscious and be aware of one's self in action in one's activities.


Thirdly one must become conscious and be aware of one's ego games.

Kalki is a phenomenon in response to the prayers of humanity. Kalki takes a responsibility of your growth and has the power to do it. Kalki has also revealed to receive Kalki's grace one has to directly relate to Kalki, without the interference of anybody in between the individual and Kalki.

The function of Oneness University is to guide you to Kalki and also to give you the revelations given by Kalki at the time appointed by Kalki. Based on Kalki's revelations, we are introducing the live image of the golden orb as seen at Satyaloka, Nemam and the Oneness Temple,


In accordance to the directors of Kalki, Kalki ashram would be opened in the early 2016 where people could come and stay and experience a rapid growth.


To help in this process of the rapid growth are the teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan and Their guidance."




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